Our Firm


 What is most important to you?

1.  At Carlson Financial Strategies our objective is to help you save and accumulate to be financially successful! 

2.  We provide product knowledge, information and ideas to help you reach your financial goals.  We work with you to assure that you invest wisely and provide protection your family can depend on.

3.  The goal at Carlson Financial Stategies is to have successful clients who can afford to spend time with the people they care about, and at the same time save to enjoy their retirement years. 

4.  By providing investment and insurance products to protect your family, your income and your business, you can have the confidence to realize your long-term goals.  If you know there are no limits, what would you like to accomplish?

5.  We provide business's retirement savings plans (401(k), Simple IRA and SEP Plans) to assure that employers and employees alike have financial security at retirement.

High Income individuals can set up a "Defined Benefit Pension Plan" and have tax deductions each tax year. Interested?  Give us a call to learn more.  

Carlson Financial strives to be your company of choice for these types of benefits. 

6.  Group and individual health insurance are key products and services that can be purchased from one of many health insurance providers we work with in Minnesota and Wisconsin.