Our Qualifications


1. Making important financial decisions should make you feel satisfied, relieved and confident.  A caring, competent and communicative advisor can help you plan a comprehensive financial strategy.

2. Designing a financial plan to protect your family or business requires a trained, experienced financial professional like Jim Carlson.

3. Jim Carlson is a truly outstanding financial professional.  As president and owner of Carlson Financial Strategies, he has served his clients and communities since 1986. Jim attended the University of Wisconsin in Superior, obtaining his bachelor's degree in Business and Biology. Jim grew up in a small town and worked in his parents restaurant business while in high school and college.  That experience taught him the value of hard work as well as people and business management .

4. "Uniquely qualified and interested" is the way clients describe Jim, and rightly so.  To help his clients, he draws upon extensive training, a commitment to keeping current, and the kind of in-depth knowledge that can only come from over twenty five years of experience.  His problem-solving ability and a broad array of financial tools from multiple companies that can help clients achieve the financial future they deserve. 

5.  Jim and his wife Martha live in Apple Valley, MN.  They have four grown daughters and three grand sons.   They are planning a wedding for the youngest daughter in 2012.